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Nooby guide for new user.
Well, anyone have a guide thats simpler to understand? Im using a My Passport 2TB drive, I have a 1 TB partition for storing files(I want to keep it intact), and 350 GB allocated for the OS. When I start up WinToUsb, and select my disk, this appears(Look in attachments). HELP
P.S My os is windows 7 pro 32 bit. What im trying to install on the drive is windows 8.1 pro 64 bit.

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You need to format these two partition. For more information, please refer to the guidelines Here:
I have the 350 gigabyte partition formatted as NTFS. Do I need to create a smaller partition in the 350 gig one for the system partition? If so, how big?
Or can I just use the 350 gigabyte partition as the boot AND the system partition? I have the 350 gigabyte partition formatted to NTFS, but It still appears as "unknown". Plus, there are no bubbles for me to select the partition.
Oh wait, even though I did a complete format, the files from my previous linux partition are still there, and now its back to appearing as EXT3. Damn. Is there anyway that I can format it in windows?
Follow this link to format partitions:,-xp)-and
You could create a virtual machine using virtualbox or vmware and install 8.1 into that. Safest way of having two (or more) operating systems

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