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Scheduling/Retention Availability
Greetings all!  With the new SUBJECT scheme released in v4... I have a question.

With a scheme set up to maintain at lease (2) FULL backups, exactly when is FULL Backup#1 deleted when FULL Backup#3 is requested... BEFORE or AFTER the creation of FULL Backup#3?

Important question when it comes to target disk space availability as the retention scheme is executed...

Interesting question... so time to experiment
1. I created a full backup of a 10 G folder
2. I set the retention to 2 full
3. I created another full backup
4. while watching the destination folder, I created a 3rd full backup
Observation: the first backup disappeared only at the end of the 3rd full backup

Not a definitive (or official) answer but it does look like the cleanup takes place after the backup completes.

Actually that's probably the best idea in case the new backup fails for some reason...
it does (potentially) cause an issue in a space limited destination tho'

Thanks, JD, that's exactly what you want it to do, or an option to do it either way... as long as it's well documented.  It's really up to the user of the app to manage the target device's storage, not the app itself.  The app has no idea how much storage will be needed to create the image, it can only guess.
Yes, the operation of purging the old backup files is done after the new backup file is completed, which can avoid the impact of the new backup failure.

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