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Windows 10 + Bootcamp + Win2USB
I am on a macbook pro retina. I am trying run windows 10 from a SD card.

1.So I use win2usb to place windows 10 on the card.
2. Reboot and select the SD card and windows startup begins.
3. Windows installs and I get to desktop perfectly.
4. I install the latest version of bootcamp (which should be SD card compatible)
5. I reboot and Windows begins only to get a "blue screen" that says "Inaccessible_boot_device"

Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening or how to fix ?
Please use the VHD install mode to create windows to go drive, this may be useful.
Hi, I have tried the VHD option. This did not help.

I have repeated it twice, WIN2USB, boot into windows 10 , install bootcamp, inaccessible device upon next startup.
I am so sorry, I don't have a mac pc, so I can't help you more at the moment.

Anyone have any suggestions, please advise.
(07-30-2015, 10:02 PM)admin Wrote: I am so sorry, I don't have a mac pc, so I can't help you more at the moment.

Any Windows version seems to be affected.I just tested it using Windows 8 installer. 

The steps I'm taking are;

Use WIN2USB in VHD mode, onto an SDHC card inserted into the SD slot of the Macbook.
Install Windows 8 (or 10)
Boot into Windows, I can restart as much as I want without issue.
Load the bootcamp installer from another thumb drive.  Install Bootcamp drivers in Windows.


Inaccessible boot device.  Sad 

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