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System Backup vs Disk/Partition Backup
Why are two partitions not backed up (not available) with System Backup defaults and presumably with Restore event...two partitions will not be restored (will be wiped)?
With System Backup defaults.  Will two not available partitions be wiped?
Why are two partitions not available?
Um, is this related to MBR vs GPT = just initials to me  Confused
May I use Disk/Partition Backup selecting all partitions as a System Backup Image?
Does Restore event restore all partitions, with one Restore?

Restore sans two partitions?
Hoping, I've adequately explained my concerns.
@bjm_ - your System's a li'l squirly. Your 1st photo shows an extra Windows Recovery partition (49mB free out of 622mb.) and something I've never seen before (maybe something the System OEM manufacturer uses for on-line recovery (511mB free out of 529mB) to out-of-box configuration.

The unselected extra Windows Recovery partition was most likely created during a yearly UPGRADE (not update) of your OS... but I don't think that the one that has been selected is the right one (the one currently active). You'll have to check that out using an elevated COMMAND PROMPT (run as Administrator) and running the command reagentc /info. That will tell you which recovery partition is the real one. Usually when a System UPGRADE occurs, if a new Windows Recovery Parition is needed, and there's not enough room in the current Recovery partition, Windows will shrink your existing OS partition by the amount it needs for its new Recovery Partition, create a new Recovery partition, then register it as the "ofishul" Recovery Partition (reagentc /info). The old Recovery partition gets orphaned and lays around gathering dust.

Yes, you can use System/Partition mode and select whichever partitions you want saved in that image (all is fine). When you restore, you will only have 2-options... restore them all in "Disk Mode" or a partition at a time in "Partition mode."

In the third photo you show a System Backup with the 4-partitons selected by Hasleo. During the System restore it will restore those (4) where they were and not affect the other (2). But remember, I'm not sure the Windows Recovery Partition that shows up in the System Backup selection is the correct one after viewing your images. The only way to know is the reagentc /info run. What many users do to avoid this after a System upgrade (and it's a pain), is to delete the orphaned recovery partition before creating a new FULL System image. Many imaging applications DO NOT KNOW (or care) how to determine the correct Windows Recovery Partition that belongs as part of the System Backup set, especially if there's more than one. Don't know whether it's laziness on their part or something that's difficult to do do (LIVE imaging shouldn't be a problem <run reagentc>... off-line from the Recovery Media <Hasleo's EMERGENCY DISK> may be an issue, IDK)

It's not a big partition (600+mB) so it might be easier to use a Disk Mode backup and just image and restore it when necessary. It doesn't change very much (only during "some" System UPGRADES and mistakes by Microsloth <recently screwed up WindowsRE partition) so it won't add much to your imaging operations.

Probably TMI (Too Much Info) for this session, huh... [Image: clear.png]
Thanks Froggie for the detailed explanation, you are so professional. HBS analyses the BCD to find the correct recovery partition, which we believe is a very effective and correct method, so the recovery partition chosen by HBS should be the correct one. Please run reagentc /info to check to see if partition5 is the recovery partition?
(getting killed by MicroSloth I think Huh)  When BJM runs ReagentC on his machine, it located the registered Recovery partition at Partition 4 on his disk... is this one of the many MS inconsistencies between it's apps? (ReagentC 0 vs 1, Diskpart 0 vs 1) It's tough to work these issues sometimes...
Yes, in the Windows operating system, disks are numbered from 0 and partitions are numbered from 1, which is inconsistent.
The basic problem was a bit more than that.  Information offered came from (2) different Systems which showed inconsistencies between ReagentC and Hasleo & Diskpart.  Once OP made me aware of that, all looked "normal" in the System configuration world Smile

No issues remaining...
Thanks for the insights into the mysterious world of partitions!


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