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Restoring a folder issue
Restoring a folder issue

I maybe missing something so advice would be appreciated...

I wanted to restore a folder from a previous backup
1. Browsed image to restore
2. selected appropriate image
3. browsed to and selected the folder "DzHTMLText-4.2"
4. entered "c:\junk" in the "Restore to:"
5. clicked proceed and restore was successful
6. browsed to c:\ junk and found folder "C+"
  Inside "C+" was the complete tree of the restored folder
  I had expected to see just:

Did I miss something?

Nope, that's the way it currently works.  It'll give you each folder level above the file selected as well as the selected file(s) itself. Rudimentary, but somewhat adequate.

There are some licensing issues associated with simply mounting an image as a partition, that's why I think it'll be a while before things become that sophisticated. I would not use this System for FILE backup, only possible extricating a file from an image when needed. Important file backup should be done by replication/syncing software, if needed.
Just can't see why a file extricated from an image cannot just be sent to a destination specified folder.

It works when restoring to original location so I guess that's good enough for most cases.

In other cases, now I know how it works, I can just browse down the tree and grab the folder.

Just a suggestion: It would be helpful if the end summary window displayed the name of the component being restored along with the destination path.


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