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Problem with multiple BackupMainUI.exe instances
for some reason, I suddenly had 2 (!) Hasleo backup interfaces running. I don't know how it happened. But I THINK I might have double-clicked in startmenu onto Hasleo and it might have started 2 instances at the same time! There were 2 BackupMainUI.exe running that had almost the exact E/A values. (The E/A values, by the way, were constantly increasing, I was wondering what Hasleo was doing?)

I do not know if this is a Windows or Hasleo problem that it is possible to start two interfaces even though this is not intended by the user and also not by the programmers.
I sure can't get (2) to start at the same time... tried everything Confused
I was not able to replicate it either. But it's a fact it happened. Perhaps we can ignore this mystery for the time being....
Thanks for reporting the issue, we will find out and fix it.

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