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Portable version
I've read on other forums that there is ongoing development of a portable version.  Is this true.  I hope so.  Currently, there is no support for custom PE discs via HBS plugin, so this would be a welcome addon for those of us who like our current multi-program PE discs.
The following version allows to run HBS directly in WinPE without application installation.
1. Download and install the version below:

2. Copy the following folder to WinPE.
C:\Program Files\Hasleo\Hasleo Backup Suite\bin\WINPE\Program Files\Hasleo Backup Suite

3. Run the AppLoader.exe in the Hasleo Backup Suite\bin directory to start HBS in WinPE.

AppLoader.exe can help register and start the service program in WinPE and then start the graphical user interface program of HBS. This version can also be run in Windows, however the portable version does not have the ability to uninstall the service, so to run the portable version in Windows, we should uninstall the HBS version that is already installed on the computer.

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