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Read Only - I/O error
The device is a Sandisk Cruser and the hardware manufacturer was of no help...

I encountered the error with LiLi as well just recently! I really need to isolate this problem and hopefully get a fix as it's obviously to do with live operating systems on USB devices.

Just like Windows, Linux (Mint) booted up and ran just fine for several days with absolutely no problems. After a casual restart of the system it hangs on the boot logo with F1 telling me that all the files are suddenly read only. This happened on a completely separate system... I have only once had a USB drive just die on me and it seems this is not the case as the files are completely readable but cannot be deleted or modified.

I shared the disk with full permissions, navigated to my network pane and attempted to add a folder with the error "ERROR 0X8000FFFF: Catastrophic Failure"
I checked my 128gb drive and it does the same thing.

Two separate drives with two different live operating systems made with two different computers... what am I missing here? Everything I've tried eventually leads to "Disk is write protected."

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