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Uninstaller leaves trash
Usually, the user expects the uninstaller to remove all traces of the program installation. In our case, the uninstaller works sloppily. The program folder with logs inside, <ID>.SDI and <ID>.WIM files, registry keys are not removed. This is despite the fact that the program is light and does not dig deep into the system.
Log files can help us identify problems (even if the user has uninstalled the program), so we kept them on purpose. And what is stored in the registry key are settings that the user wants to keep permanently, so they are not deleted. Please note that our team has limited manpower, so we are currently dedicating more manpower to important feature implementations. As for removing all traces of the installation of the program, we will do it in the future, but not now.
Allow me to disagree with you. The user uninstalled Hasleo and started using Macrium. Why does he need Hasleo bug reports and registry entries? And then he will find a 600mB "surprise" in the form of winre.wim in Boot. The uninstaller should remove everything, or at least ask if you want to delete the log files.
You are incorrect, years of experience tell us that some customers are still happy to provide log files to help us improve the software, so we should not have a preconceived notion. Regarding the issue of not deleting the wim file, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Once again, we don't have a lot of manpower to deal with these kinds of minor issues that don't affect major functionality, at least for now. Any small suggestion from a customer can take us a lot of time to complete, so we complete the features we think are important first. Please forgive me for my rudeness and hope everyone understands.
"Lots" of uninstallers leave artifacts behind.

Use either Revo Uninstaller or Geek Uninstaller.

Both are free.
Yes, we can use a third party to uninstall the program completely.

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