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How fast would a usb 2.0 port run windows 7?
Could I do things normally on a usb 2.0 port assuming I was on a fast/good computer? how slow would it run? I don't need a 3.0 flash drive do I? I only have 2.0 usb port...

I got a 16 gb flash for 5 dollars, doesn't it seem bad to set the memory requirement at 16gb? i mean 16gb should be enough for windows 7 and a few gb left over right? a 16gb stick only has 14.5 memory so it's certainly not enough

if i used the computer for an hour and a half each day on a windows 7 flash drive, how many years would the flash drive last? i know flash drives have a limited number of write cycles etc, some sites say it won't last long, but i think they should last several years because they have so many cycles


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How fast would a usb 2.0 port run windows 7? - by jojosbizarre - 09-27-2015, 12:47 AM

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