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How fast would a usb 2.0 port run windows 7?
(09-27-2015, 12:47 AM)jojosbizarre Wrote: Could I do things normally on a usb 2.0 port assuming I was on a fast/good computer? how slow would it run? I don't need a 3.0 flash drive do I? I only have 2.0 usb port...

I got a 16 gb flash for 5 dollars, doesn't it seem bad to set the memory requirement at 16gb? i mean 16gb should be enough for windows 7 and a few gb left over right? a 16gb stick only has 14.5 memory so it's certainly not enough

if i used the computer for an hour and a half each day on a windows 7 flash drive, how many years would the flash drive last? i know flash drives have a limited number of write cycles etc, some sites say it won't last long, but i think they should last several years because they have so many cycles


Although Windows To Go performance is good with USB 2.0, users can achieve better performance if they plug the USB drive into a USB 3.0 port.

Yes, your fears are justified. The USB flash drive have a limited number of write cycles, so we highly recommend using a USB hard disk, a Windows To Go Certified Drives to create portable Windows. If you want to use a USB flash drive to create Windows To Go, we recommend that you use SanDisk Extreme CZ80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive. I've been using a Sandisk CZ80 for the past year, and It works very well for me.

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