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System clone was not successful
(02-28-2016, 05:23 AM)vinloren Wrote: I am trying to clone my windows 8.1 wimboot on tablet (10gb windows partition + 4.8gb tecovery hidden partition) to a 16gb usb key but got system clone was not succesful after 100% cloning was reached. Additional info is "failed to open file 0x7800070004f0000". Wintousb ver is 2.8.

To better clarify this issue I can add the following information:

1) After rebooting I had a look at the usbstick content ad actully the cloning was made since the windows partition was fully copied with the content from drive C: but the VHDX drive named Win2USB had got a single partition 14.9 Gb big whereas the 4.9Gb "recovery" partition (hidden on drive C: ) was not created nor copied. I wonder if it's me to be resposible to create it in advance along with the WHDX windows partition proposed by WinToUSB application, but if that is true I do not know how to do it since once WinToUSB is started I cannot intevene to add the creation of the recovery partition I mentioned above.

2) My windows 8.1 is WIMboot version to fit my tablet's 16Gb SSD disk. The boot reliies on the presence of the recovery partition that holds the compressed install.wim file which is actually uswed by WIMboot to let the Windos 8.1 system work in such a disk space constraiint. I wonder if WinToUSB actually provides support to Windows 8.1 system like mine to be cloned to a usb stick.

Please clarify my questions, thanks and regard
Vincenzo Lorenzale

Thank you for reporting this problem. WinToUSB don't support cloning a WIMBoot version of Windows, and we will improve it in future releases.
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