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EasyUEFI USB Bootstick on Win 8.1 32bit Dell Venue 8 Pro
I found nothing about compatibility for Win8.1 32bit system that my Dell Venue 8 Pro has. Unfortunately it isnt bootable now and I'm asking if the bootstick would be compatible to the 32 bit WIN8.1 if I installed EasyUEFI on a similar Win8.1 System 32bit? Every time I build it with a 64bit system it gives me only the x64 efi file in EFI/BOOT and no x32 efi bootfile. Seems that no one has thought about win8.1 systems with 32bit as other Boot tools have the same problem when making a USB-stick. DOES EasyUEFI support Win 8.1 32bit UEFI Boot via USB stick?
PS: Idea for other users with the same problem: MistyPE is the only tool I know that is running on my 32bit Dell on usb-boot-stick with WINPE cause it has a x86 option and a flat boot option. The Bios is only capable of switching secure boot, no legacy option.
EasyUEFI WinPE supports UEFI booting for 32-bit x86 systems. It is important that you must create the bootable USB flash disk with a 32bit windows 8.1/10 system, for example, create it on your Dell Venue 8 Pro.

Note: The 32-bit version of Windows PE can boot 32-bit UEFI and BIOS PCs, and 64-bit BIOS PCs, but can't boot 64-bit UEFI. The 64-bit version of Windows PE can boot 64-bit UEFI and BIOS PCs, but can't boot 32-bit UEFI.
Thanks for the advice, but the win 8.1 32Bit system inst booting. Thats why I'm looking for a tool to boot with. Would it be possible to install EasyUEFI on a virtual machine (VMWARE) ?
Yes, of course, you can create a bootable USB drive on a VM then boot from it on your Dell Venue 8 Pro.

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