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How start VHDX from a Win Boot Menu
I tryed and is OK. The last step failed (Bcdboot) but I substitute that action using EasyBCD.
Now in the windows boot menu (the blue menu when starting windows) I have an Entry with the VHDX label.

It isn't exactly what I have in mind but is a good step, with this configuration I can use the native system or the VHDX, and also insert the USB HDD in another PC anche use the system boot partition to launch the VHDX.

Now I ask, if is possible to insert a new entry in the windows boot menu to invoke directly the other boot system partition. I don't know if a windows boot menu can invoke another windows boot menu and I haven't found an answer.


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RE: How start VHDX from a Win Boot Menu - lbosco76 - 03-19-2016, 05:03 AM

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