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Free/Trial version complains Win 7 Pro is "Enterprise/Server"
I'm a new user and want to try out the product. I might purchase a license in the future, but I can't get my first try to even start as the free/trial version is giving me the following message:

"The free/trial version doesn't support Windows Enterprise/Server operating systems.(0x0000010708AB0000)"

I'm just trying to install Windows 7 that supposed to be restricted in the free/trial version?

Am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot attached of page where I'm selecting the version to install: hitting the next button gives a dialog with the message above.

Thanks for any insight or tips to get it to work.

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Free/Trial version complains Win 7 Pro is "Enterprise/Server" - by stokely - 04-04-2016, 12:47 PM

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