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Use WinToUSB from USB Windows?

My only Windows system is a WinToUSB, and I'm trying to create another bootable USB from this system. I'm creating it from an ISO file.

When I try to install, I get this error message: Failed to run system API.(0x00130015011F4000)

Installing to the same USB, with the same ISO, and the same version of the program has worked fine in the past when using a computer in which Windows is running from the internal HDD.

Why is this happening? Is it not possible to create another bootable USB when you are already booting from a WinToUSB created disk?

I've also tried cloning the current system, but that didn't work either.
Thank you for reporting this problem. Could you please send us the user.log via email at [email protected]? and we will resolve it as soon as possible.
Alright, I will send it to you.
But I'm in OS X at the moment and I can't access the C drive of that installation, because it's in a .VHD image. And I can't shut down OS X right now. So I'll boot from the Windows drive later tonight and send you the file. I'm assuming it's in the WinToUSB installation directory?
I've emailed the .log file.
Thanks and we will resolve it as soon as possible.
Please try this patch:
I've tried it, and it worked! Is it particular to my situtation?
That's great. No, there is a bug in WinToUSB when it runs on Windows To Go environment.

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