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Windows load indefinitely

Thank you for your reply. No, the Kingston DT ultimate G3 is not a certified windows to go drive .

What does this imply? Is it really possible to make a bootable windows 8 drive with non certified usb keys?

When you say common flash drives are slowm how much time would it take to boot? Because I do not think that more than 45 minutes for a simple boot is normal for a USB 3.0 key. Especiallym in this case, the activity LED oes not light up after a few 30 sec, which comforts me in the Idea that it will simply never boot in these conditions. The should be something to fix in order to make this work... If you need me to give you more informationm do not hesitate.

I tried the USB key on 3 different laptops. First one is a intel i7 PC from Dell, the second is a i5 PC from Packard Bell and the third one is a Celeron from acer.


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