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Basic Questions on Installing Windows 7
(05-21-2016, 07:32 PM)Tsundere-chan Wrote: Hello all Big Grin ,
I have some simple questions to which i cannot find answers anywhere else.

My goal is to install any version of windows 7 on a usb drive or external hdd.
From what I understand win7 x64 ultimate w/ SP1 seems to be the safest way since it has more drivers. Please let me know if I'm wrong. My motherboard(x64) seems to be uefi-based with legacy-boot support available, but SATA/AHCI options are unavailable. The internal hdd is eMMc.

How exactly should I format/partion/scheme the external hdd?

Some tutorials say that system and boot partitions can be on the same partition with both being NTFS (4028kb cluster?). But this link says otherwise:
GPT or MBR? VHD or Legacy?

Any suggestions for which tool I should use for partitioning?

Thankyou Big Grin

Windows 7 is not completely portable, you may have driver problems when booting on different computers, so highly recommend using Windows 10/8.1/8 to create portable Windows.

If you want to boot UEFI-based computer, we recommend that you covert the USB drive to MBR partition scheme and create two patitions (one small FAT32 partition for the system partition and one NTFS partition for the boot partition), then create Windows To Go drive.

VHD(X) mode is the best choice when using a USB flash drive to create W2G, otherwise we recommended using Legacy mode.

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