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0x0000007B (FIXED)
I GOT IT BACK! It actually wasn't a driver issue, but to anyone who might have gotten it over the course of using WinToUSB, the real problem: BCD in the System partition.

I tried to test the virtual machine further against the USB drive, to my surprise; the icon in the corner of the VMware window that shows the status of the drive was not even lighting up. So, I figured the drive actually wasn't finding itself (it went over my head originally). But then I remembered that I didn't bother to check the BCD since that is where the bootloader is, and so I opened up EasyBCD and loaded the BCD store in the system partition.

"There is one entry in the bootloader."

The J: drive? That's my System partition; why is the System partition the bootloader?

Using EasyBCD's tools, I removed that entry and added the correct one.

Then I rebooted my computer and it suddenly found itself again and I was in immediate relief. So, I guess when anyone encounters this issue, they can learn from this. It's not the drivers; it could be the BCD.

Good day to all.

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