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what is happening ?
I have created a win10 copy installation on a 120gb usb solid drive .
I had to use VHD to copy my current installation . Starting up was
very slow , then I started my virtual box into this XP virtual . Its
going like a train , and uses the image of the main computer drive.

I am completely confused about what I have cloned , is it just the
start partition ?

Anyway , it is MEGA .

Cheers ian
Is the USB drive an external hard drive or a USB flash drive?

Please check to see if any of the following items apply to your situation:
1. Please make sure that the USB drive is connected to a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, connected to a USB 1.0 port is not supported.
2. Please make sure that the boot partition on the USB drive is aligned to 4k sectors. If the partitions on a SSD are not properly 4k aligned, this will cause a significant drop in performance on the partitions.
It was a usb solid state drive.

Anyway now I am trying with a 3.5in drive on a usb3.0 interface    & it is lots better .
I was able to create 2 partitions on the drive one FAT32 & one NTFS  , then I could use legacy formatting which seemed to go much better .

Also I have upped the partition size on vrtualbox to 1200 ( from 1024 ) .

I must try again with the solid state usb - try legacy mode .

Basically I run Win 10 on a 4Gb dual celeron processor  with a ITB drive but no other disk slots and no memory expansion ( unless I swop the 4gb to 8gb ).   Its running two virtualbox   - both XP  220mb & 1200 mb virtula memory size.

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