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Easy Uefi and USB management
When I use some differnt USBs for system recovery or other purposes, I found the Boot
devices are listed as "disabled" as attached "easy uefi 1.jpg".
Those USBs are also listed in the device selection" in "setting" feature of Windows10 as attached
"device selection.JPG".
Those USBs can not be deleted from Easy uefi as attached "easy uefi 2.jpg", and they can not be handled from Easy uefi.
Could you please tell me how to remove these unavailable USBs from Easy uefi (maybe from device selection"

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EasyUEFI can only delete the UEFI boot option for Windows or other operating systems, it does not support deleting a UEFI boot option for a physical device such as a CD/DVD drive, so if the UEFI boot option you selected is for a physical device, the delete button will not be displayed.

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