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MacBook Pro Windows ssd not showing
(08-31-2016, 10:00 AM)admin Wrote: Apple says "If you're using an external USB hub with several connected USB devices, the external USB storage device you wish to start from may not be recognized, or, may need to be connected directly into one of the computers USB ports instead.  Some computer keyboards that include USB ports may not supply enough power to some external USB hard drives."

Could you tell us which partitioning tool you are using to partition this disk? Windows Disk Management tool or other third-party partitioning tool? We recommend using built-in Windows Disk Management to partition the disk.

In theory, as long as there is a FAT32 partition on a GPT disk, then the disk will appear as a EFI boot option.

im not using a hub. The Samsung T3 is directly to either one of the USB 3 inputs on the MacBook Pro. I've tried both.

im using the computer management program in Windows 10 to do the partitioning. 

Win2go is happy that I have an efi partition 100mb with FAT32 and also the other large partition is NTFS as per instructions. Win2Go finishes putting Windows on the t3 drive. I do all of this on Windows 10 (I've done it on two different Windows machines. One was running Windows 7 and the other Windows 10. There was no difference in outcome)

On putting the drive back into the usb3 slot on the MacBook Pro 2015 and holding Alt/option key I only see the internal mac drive as a boot option no matter what I do..

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