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Using easyuefic.exe without index

Do it is possible to use the easyuefic.exe (command line) for changing the boot order but only by knowing the name of a entry (not the index).

>EasyUEFIC.exe --list-efi
# Name
0 : USB Memory
1 : Windows Boot Manager
3 : LAN
4 : Diagnostic Menu
5 : HDD Recovery

I want to place 3:LAN at the first. So i can use
> --top-efi --index 3

But i don't want to visually confirm the index number of LAN and it's is not always at Index:3. Hopefully, the name LAN is always the same.

So, do it's possible to use a command like
> --top-efi --name "LAN"
Or any workaround that do the same thing?

Ok, i know that it's a little bit ugly because in theory we can have multiple entry with the same name. But i can manage to have only 1 entry named "LAN", that's not a problem.

Thanks in advance and have a good day.
Sorry for my english.

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