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Flash Drive Back to Normal
Hello guys,

I have a problem and i would like to solve it. I bought today a new usb flash drive (Lexar s75 JumpDrive USB 3.0 64 gb) and i used wintousb program.
I just wanted to install windows 8.1 to my usb flash drive. I followed the instructions. I chose .iso file then i click next. After that i chose my usb flash drive and a prompt message appeared and i click to GPT option with VHD option enabled. After that i click next and the process began.
I tested Windows 8.1 and was really really slow... so i decided to format the usb flash drive. I switched back to my main windows and i formated it.
The problem that i have now is.. my usb flash drive is very slow.
1. I use my flash drive in 3.0 usb port..
2. I have enabled in device manager > disk drives > Lexar usb > Properties Tab > Better Performance .
3. The format that i did was exFAT with 128 kilobytes allocation unit size. (I have perform the format procedure with Windows / Rufus / hp flash drive format tool)
4. In Disk Management when i choose the Lexar Usb drive, it says that it is a healthy (Primary Partition).
5. I check for bad sectors but everything is fine.

[Image: JBwziRA.png]

I attach an image with a test that i perform to check my usb flash drive write/read speeds. When i trying to transfer a file the speed starts with 20 Mb/s and then it drops to 200 kb/s and then back to 20 Mb/s or 30Mb/s and then again back to 500 kb/s. Please can you help me to bring back the speed of my flash drive?

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