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Error 0x0057000900290000 WintoUSB
I've trying to clone a Win10 (1709, 16299.248) system on a surface book to a USB drive. I've tried both, USB flash drive (Corsair Hyperx Savage 512 GB) or Samsung T3 1TB external USB SSD.
Using the USB flash drive, WintoUSB was able to build the partitions itself, with the external hdd if just followed the descriptions as given in the manual: system partition fat32 e.g. 100 MB, boot partition NTFS to boot into UEFI system.
Starting the win os (current) to usb, alls works fine, the drive and partitions are recognized by wintousb, legacy method selected (btw what is the advantage of VHD mode?), then confirmed that all data will be lost on that drive and process started. first time, the winpe files are installed, in subsequent approaches already present. Then a reboot is requested from wintousb. works fine, boots into the wintousb software and starts to clone.
Then after a few seconds, an error messages pops up "nicht unterst├╝tztes dateisytem" not supported file system error 0x0057000900290000 and wintousb exists.
This is the same, if I use the flash drive with partitions created by wintousb or the external SSD.
So, any advice what I can do to come out of this?
THANKS!!!! best wishes....

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Error 0x0057000900290000 WintoUSB - by user845 - 03-01-2018, 10:34 PM
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