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wintousb and windows 8 certified usb sticks
Windows 8 certified USB sticks are different to normal USB sticks as they have the "fixed" rather than "removable" drive status set.

This is so Windows 8 Enterprise can create Windows 8 to Go on a (certified) USB stick.

I guess in theory, Wintousb should be able to create a 64 bit UEFI based (windows 8/8.1 or 10 preview) usb setup with a (fixed status) usb stick. We know it cannot do this for normal (removable status) usb sticks.

However, Windows 8 certified usb sticks are pricey, and I was wondering if anybody has tried using Wintousb with such a stick (before I decide to invest in one),
WinToUSB works with USB HDDs so it should be OK on a Fixed type of Flash drive.
If you run WinToUSB using a MBR Windows system (not UEFI-booted), it does not add the EFI boot files to make the USB drive UEFI-bootable.
You will need to run bcdboot after WinToUSB has finished.
Win7/8 will run from a Removable drive (win7 needs some tweaks).
Win 8.1 will NOT boot from a Removabel drive.

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