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Odd behaviour??

This is just a heads-up about an issue you may not know off......

After prepping a Windows 7 external USB HD everythings works GREAT.....

..... UNTIL the drive is accidentally plugged into a PC booted from Windows 8.1.

Apparently 8.1 modifies something on the HD because the next time I boot from the W7 USB Ext drive, the boot fails (after showing the W7 startup logo) by dropping back to the BIOS display screen.

It boots again and this time gives me the option to run a bootup repair or continue starting windows normally. I continue starting windows normally and everything if fine.

Everything keeps working fine unless I once again plug the ext drive into a W8.1 booted computer. Then it does the same routine again.

Windows 8 certainly does something to the ext drive to mess it up for W7 booting.

That sounds really interesting. Thanks for reporting this problem and I will test it.

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