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Repeatedly restarts after installation of Windows to go 1809 (Mac)
(01-25-2019, 06:38 AM)siyuanchu Wrote: I’m using a Macbook Pro 2017 and worked with WTG drivers for months. Recently i bought NVIDIA RTX graphic cards but my older version 1703 doesn’t work with RTX. I have to upgrade my Windows into 1809 so I chose WinToUSB to do that. I erased and formatted my drive and installed WTG correctly, but after I successfully booted the first time into WTG and installed the Boot Camp drivers and restarted, the WTG cannot be booted anymore. I erased again and clean installed again and things are the same. I want to know what’s the problem here, thank you!

The drive I am using is a Sandisk SSD with a SATA USB C case. I also tried to connect to the SATA port of my eGPU case and use the Thunderbolt 3 as I used to do, but didn’t work as well.

Installing boot camp may have changed the configuration of the Windows To Go, which causes it to fail to start, the "Windows To Go Conversion" should be able to solve your problem.

1. Click "Tools" > "Windows To Go conversion".
2. Select the Windows To Go USB drive in the drop-down list, and tick the "Convert Local Disk to Windows To Go" checkbox.
3. Click the "Next" button to perform the action.

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