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Not Enough Space (0x000000C205620000)
I have the same problem as the one described in this old Thread.

My situation:
Windows 10 is installed on a HDD with size 1 TB.
I am using a USB flash drive with size 250 GB.

Step 1 (See my screenshot 1)
I choose the "Physical to USB" (Clone existing OS) option of WinToUSB 
As you can see on my Screenshot "Used Size" = 710 GB.
This is correct, but of course only 10% of the Used Size is Windows stuff.
The other 90% is multimedia stuff (pictures and movies).  

Step 2 (See my screenshot 2)
When I pick up the 250 GB USB flash drive from the list, I get the error DISK PARTITION OR SPACE IS INSUFFICIENT.

If I understand correctly what admin wrote on 06-29-2018, the problem here is that Used Size + 20% is bigger than the USB flash drive, right? If this is correct, then I have the following two questions:
a) Is there a way to tell WinToUSB that it should only clone the Windows stuff (i.e. the folders Windows, Windows.old, Program Fles (x86) and Program Files) and NOT the other stuff which is on this HDD?
b) If a) is NOT possible: Would the following workaround solve this problem?
- Move the multimedia stuff (which is about 670 GB) from the HDD to an external backup disk
- Run WinToUSB again. Since now the "Used Size" of the HDD should be aprox 40 GB, the error DISK PARTITION OR SPACE IS INSUFFICIENT should not happen anymore, right?      

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