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Install Win10 on USB from USB
Been working on this all day. I got Win10 from the store on a Microsoft USB drive. I found the SWM files in the x64/sources directory figuring I wanted the 64-bit version of Home. For the life of me it wouldn’t install using paid version 4.8.

I decided to try the install.swm file in the x86/sources directory. It is installing now, but “stuck” at 0%. Not sure if it is really stuck. Will give it time.

I will send logs if this doesn’t work. Just wondering what the diff between the x64 and x86 versions.


Well, I have Win7 64-bit installed. The difference is one is 64-bit and the other is 32-bit. Only have 4GB of RAM so the 32-bit Win10 should be OK.

Spinny circle still at 0%.


Circle still at 0% but drive is filling up...went from 164MB used to 260something. Something is happening. It is usb 2.0 on an older laptop. the usb drive I am installing on is probably not ideal. I read something about 4K read/write times.


Just as I posted last edit, it flipped to 1% then 2 then 5. Smile
We do not recommend starting Windows To Go on an older computer via USB 2.0 because the USB 2.0 is slow and Windows may not run smoothly. If you insist on starting Windows on an old computer via USB 2.0, we recommend that you create W2G using an external SSD to improve performance.

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