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Cannot select EFI system partion?
same problem here. I'm using a macbook pro retina 2014 and a PC. using the PC i have made 2 partitions on my external seagate HD, a small one, FAT32, and a bigger one, NTFS. with wintousb i have selected as ESP the FAT32 one, and as boot the bigger one. all went great, it installed windows 7, but when i plugged the HD for the first time after the instalation in the macbook it won't boot from the efi partition. I can see the partition, I select it, but nothing happens.

how can I select the original EFI partition in wintousb? I can see it, it is there, it's also fat32 (can do this with easeus), because obviously creating a new fat32 partition doesn't work. Thanks!

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RE: Cannot select EFI system partion? - crassh - 11-29-2014, 08:53 PM

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