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Microsoft support for Windows To Go
Microsoft announced that it is stopping development of Windows To Go.
How will this effect Hasleo's software in the future? I created a bootable
USB drive with WinToUSB and am considering a purchase of Upgrader.
May Microsoft completely remove support from future Win 10 builds
and render your software unusable?
Yes, it may affect future releases. Anyway, we will try our best to develop the new version of WinToUSB and Windows To Go Upgrader to help users ensure the continuity of their work.
I'm using Windows 10 and it works very well. However, thank you so much for the information.
(07-08-2021, 11:55 PM)GabrielLuke Wrote: I thought LTSB could not in any case be upgraded. Only two LTSB releases occurred in AFAIK: 2015 and 2016. I realised that it was part of the beauty of LTSB... you instal and get only security updates until they are no longer supported (10 years last I read). You do a wiping and installation if you want to visit the next LTSB (as if it had been in 2018 at any point this year). You have installed LTSB, are you positive?

I am very sorry, if you cannot upgrade the installed version of Windows on a physical machine, Windows To Go Upgrader will be helpless in this case.

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