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Can't install any OS.
I'm using a Mymemory 128gb stick and tried to install Win8,7 and Vista and I'm getting BSOD With the error 0x0000007B all the time. Any help to fix this? Huh
We recommend using a USB hard disk or Windows To Go Certified Drives to install windows. Success is not guaranteed when using a USB falsh disk to install windows.
Ah. I see. I'll probably gets a USB HDD soon but is there any fix you know about it?
I have been trying to fix it, but without success. Can you send me infomation about the BSOD 0x7b? Thanks.
I don't know what you're looking for specifically (Sorry I'm kind of new to this thing) but all I know is that the error starts AFTER you the booting loading screen has finished. I've used multiple USB thumb drives (removable ones) and its the same fate. It never boots up on the first go so I don't think its more of a hardware type thing installing new drivers. Thanks for the help.

Edit: I think it might be because it recognises the USB as a removable disk instead of an HDD and for some reason won't run. I'm not sure.

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