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Lost OneDrive files using WinToUSB Clone disks? - A SOLUTION!
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I'm set up so that I can run three Windows 10 boot configurations on my Apple 2015 13" MacBook Pro:
  • Booting from the internal Apple SSD's BOOTCAMP volume
  • Booting from a WinToUSB clone of that volume on an external Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
  • Booting from a WinToUSB clone of that volume on an external Sabrent NVMe M.2 1TB SSD
All works perfectly, except for one very serious issue: each time I boot from one of these systems, files that I've placed in OneDrive on any one of the systems disappear (are mysteriously removed) when I boot from another one! This is true for all files that I've tried, including screenshots (OneDrive/Pictures/Screenshots), as well as downloaded files (OneDrive/Downloads). This occurs whenever I do anything with OneDrive. Note that sometimes the files which are gone will appear in the Recycle Bin, but not often.

I'm trying to understand what's going on. Clearly, the drive IDs are still unique, or else Windows would refuse to permit them to even mount, much less allow copying, etc, which it does.  My Windows 10 account is identical across them.  Somehow, the cloning process has convinced Windows 10/OneDrive that when it sees new files on OneDrive to delete them!  Curiously, if I intentionally delete files on OneDrive on one clone, it will stay deleted on the other volumes.  It's only adding new files that causes this problem to occur.

Please help me to understand how to work around this, for I rely heavily on OneDrive! Is this somehow a result of WinToUSB cloning?

[EDIT UPDATE:] I'm beginning to think that having the convenience of being able to rapidly change boot modes may have just hidden the simple fact that it takes time for OneDrive to synchronize changes to files, and I may just not be giving it enough time to do so. If that's what's happening, WinToUSB cloning isn't the problem. More testing will ensue...

[2ND UPDATE] No, waiting for synchronization, by checking for the files online, shows that the problem is still happening - the files get deleted. The question is whether this is just a pure OneDrive problem, or whether it's a WinToUSB problem...

Thank you very much! 

Best Regards,

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