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Lost OneDrive files using WinToUSB Clone disks? - A SOLUTION!
Hi, Gang!

One of the consequences of this situation is that when folks use OneDrive with multiple clones, it will be necessary to actively manage this behavior. Each time a new account is added to Windows 10, it will essentially create a SID that's the last/final active account's SID plus 1, as in ...-1001 to ...-1002. Following admin's procedure exactly will therefore add SID+2 (+1 for the B account, and +1 for the C account). So, pay attention to your clones! When you follow this procedure on a second clone, it will be necessary to add 2 dummy accounts, not just one, to ensure that each volume's SID remains unique. To make this work, it's necessary to actually log in to each created account (this is when the new SID number gets created). For a third clone, you'll need to add 3 dummy accounts, and login in to each of those accounts before creating your new account, etc.

The way to manage this is to type: wmic useraccount get sid,name  in order to track the SIDs on each volume. Tracking this is a bit of a pain, but at least it's a solvable problem.


P.S. The discussion above assumes that the multiple clones are all copies of the same volume.  If instead, you were to follow admin's procedure, and then clone that clone to another volume, you should be able to stick with the initial procedure (i.e. one dummy account for each "daughter clone"). This stuff isn't trivial, and you'll need to keep this in mind.

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