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Convert Windows 10 Pro internal M.2 NVMe SSD to Windows to Go
Hey Guys

I'm trying to convert an exisiting Windows installation on a M.2 SSD NVMe to a Windows to Go version. The disk size is 256GB and 192GB of the disk is free. When I run WinToUSB I get in the dropdown for the destination disk my internal SSD (there is no other HDD attached to that laptop, so only the internal one can show up in the dropdown). 
Here a screenshot:
As far as I understand you can't convert a internal HDD or SSD. According to the instructions it must be in a external closure. 
I would love to know if, 
a) Is it possible to convert a running Windows System?
b) If it isn't possible, how am I meant to convert a Windows which is on a M.2 NVMe SSD (hardly any external disk enclosures for NVMe form factor...)? (The purpose of that conversion is to build out the SSD and then place it into another machine which also has a M.2 slot)

Your response is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
I'm sorry, "Windows To Go conversion" cannot convert a running Windows System, you need to put the SSD into a USB enclosure to perform the conversion. If you just want to put the SSD on another computer, just take the SSD out and put it in another computer.

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