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Does a license survive a new W2G installation?
Yes, as i have written already, I have produced a bootable USB SSD from my Windows 10 Pro system partition in my PC with WinToUSB. I then booted this external USB SSD successfully and then tried to run the Bitlocker from Microsoft, which failed. I therefore bought and installed Bitlocker Anywhere from Hasleo Software to this external Windows SSD and it worked.
My question is: Is this a one time only license or can it be reinstalled on this specific SSD? Does it remember any hardware code (as Windows does for reinstalls on the same drive) and therefore can be installed once again if i use this SSS for a new W2G installation from my PC system Windows as this of course wipes everything that is on the external disk so far?
Or must I buy a new license every time I upgrade my current external SSD to the status my main system meanwhile reached since the last time I ran WinToUSB?

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RE: Does a license survive a new W2G installation? - by TechnoMax - 09-01-2020, 06:17 PM

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