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64GB not enough?
(06-13-2021, 01:57 PM)oswaldpu Wrote: Hello,
I created a win2go on a 64GB stick - it tries to boot but shows the rotating circle forever. Guess the reason may be that empty space on that stick is ~900MB.

I tried to clean up the source installation as much as possible, now it holds ~58GB, and I do not have any good idea on my hand how to further delete files or apps, which still are needed in the source installation.

How can I deselect unwanted files or apps to be copied to the win2go stick?
Or what else could I do to reduce the amount?

Thanks a lot in advance,

I am sorry, in this case you have to remove some unnecessary programs or files by yourself. Regarding the issue of Windows always showing the rotating circle, we think the cause of the issue is that the USB flash drive you used is too slow or you have inserted the USB drive into a very slow USB port. For a Windows operating system boot drive, the 4K random read/write speeds are very important. Usually the 4K read/write speeds of the common flash drives are always slow, so these drives are not suitable for creating portable Windows.

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