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How can i make SATA hard drive to Windows to Go as external drive
I have a blank SATA 2.5 inch laptop internal hard drive and I want to make it Windows to Go. I have made it external USB drive by using a hard drive USB enclosure/caddy. I have tried all methods to make it Windows to Go but after everything (installation/making phase) completed, it failed to boot/run windows. I have already tried "USB Flash Drive" method and "External Drive" method and "Internal Drive" method (after creating System and Boot partitions) 100 times but nothing worked. Installation got completed 100% but unable to boot/run windows from same drive.

What is the step by step process ..i.e. .how to format.. how to install.. how to run. Thanks in advance.
Could you tell us more information about the issue, such as the BSOD or other infomation? If it is possible, take a screenshot and send it to us. What version of Windows did you clone to the USB drive? x86 or x64? Which partitioning scheme did you choose when you created the portable Windows? "MBR for BIOS", "GPT for UEFI" or "MBR for BIOS and UEFI"?

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