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Windows Update
Please explain why.
(01-07-2015, 03:42 AM)normalea Wrote: Successfully installed Win 7 to USB and booted up fine.

Problem is that Windows update will not work and I can't update with the latest fixes, etc. Have tried to install the Windows Install program from the website but that install fails as well.

Can install other software (i.e. downloaded and installed both IE 11 and COMODO free antivirus programs) but can not do Windows Updates, neither on the MS website or using Control Panel.

Problem SEEMS to be related to access. Error messages talk about being unable to update or install files in various folders.

Here are the specifics:
Hardware: Acer Aspire laptop
OS: Win 7 Professional 64 bit
USB: MicroCenter 3.0 USB 32 gig stick
Installing as Administrator
Added created system user into the Administrator Group
Changed the permissions on the Windows directory and subdirectories to full control for admin user.

If anyone has experienced this (and more important, found the solution!) would love to hear from you.

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