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Blue screen of death Windows 8.1
Hi there,

I think that the idea to run full Windows 8 from USB is great.

I downloaded your software and tried to put Windows 8.1 on a 16gb flash drive (Kept failing through the process around 12% with a file copy error)

I decided to buy an External hard drive enclosure and put my old 640Gb laptop drive in it.

It went through the process and said that everything is ready. I reboot my computer from the USB drive and about 10 seconds after I saw the Windows 8 booting screen I got blue screen.

I'm attaching a screenshot of error message. Any idea I'm getting this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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Have you try it on another computer?
Uaspstor.sys is a Microsoft-provided generic driver for USB 3.0 devices, maybe this driver is not compatible with you hardware.
Please connect the USB hard drive to a usb 2.0 port and boot form it.

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