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This program does not support cloning to USB flash drive error
I have been trying to clone my Windows 8.1 Pro to a USB 3.0 drive. I downloaded the 2.0 version of the program, yet when I attempt to select a USB drive, I get this error:
[Image: 1599it.jpg]

I have been trying for last two days and so far I didn't figure out anything.
I tried to use MBR and GPT, formatted disk numerous times with NTFS and FAT32 systems.

One thing I noticed is that my USB (drive X in the picture) is defined as Removable drive. Could that be the problem?
[Image: 21joefc.png]

Same story with the 8GB USB 2.0 too, none of them is certified however the 3.0 key is pretty fast... Specs
So, any other ideas how I could make this work?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your responses. If there's any data that I might have forgotten to write, do ask - I've got time.
You are right, WinToUSB can only clone Windows OS to the USB hard drive yet.

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