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VHD(X) upgrade failed with bitlocker
I cannot upgrade my Windows 11 WintoUSB using the Windows to Go Upgrader.

It tells me I must manually decrypt my partition before upgrading windows.

Following the guide here:

If says:

Quote:If the Windows To Go workspace has been encrypted by using BitLocker Drive Encryption, you need to enter the decrypted password during the upgrade process.

However it isn't and I'm greeted with this error message.

[Image: eIK5UKO.png]

When I try to manually decrypt by booting into my WinToUSB 11, and turning off Bitlocker, I'm greeted with this unfortunate error message:

[Image: iS3IETS.jpeg]

Error message when trying to decrypt from powershell.

[Image: gRLKSK4.jpeg]

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VHD(X) upgrade failed with bitlocker - by bacevs - 12-13-2021, 11:21 PM

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