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windows 10 virtualbox
Hi everybody,

i bought a new laptop with w10 and quickly made a raw back up of the hard drive to install a debian base os. I previously did usb backup of w10 with wintousb in order to use it with virtualbox. The usb w10 works well when I boot it directly but bugs when I VBoxManage convertfromraw . Can somebody help me here?
I get a Error Code: 0xc0000225 on boot. With IAstorA.sys broked or missed.
I did it with windows 8.1 without any matters but Im stocked with w10.
I'm soryy. What does the "VBoxManage convertfromraw" mean? Could you tell us more infomation about it?
First of all, thanks for the answer.
VBoxManage is a tool included in the Oracle VirtualBox software. With the "convertfromraw" option, it allows to create a VDI file (or some others like VHD) from a raw drive (a usb drive create with wintousb in my case). The VDI file becomes the virtual hard drive of a virtual computer in virtualbox.
I did the exact same procedure with windows 8.1 and it worked perfectly well but not with my brand new windows 10. The interesting fact is that I can boot with the newly created win2usb usb drive directly on the hardware it doesn't work on virtualbox. Since my previous post, I tried not to use The vboxmanage conversion by directly connected the usb drive into virtualbox and it didn't worked either. I will next try to boot win2usb drive into another amd64 computer to check if it works on another hardware. I will then tell you.
Best regards

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