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mbr for bios and UEFI question

Well appreciated to understand what was created on my external drive after completion.

mbr for bios and UEFI:
I needed a copy of my drive (legacy Bios) because it is crashing at times
a copy that can be installed in a new machine that I am still building with UEFI.

I am using the Win2USB Professional.

My source machine is an old Legacy Bios Toshiba laptop (2012). (477GB)

1. I choose my existing Windows64 10 pro (22H2) (SOURCE) to a WD 1 TB  external Drive (DESTINATION).
2. I choose mbr for bios and UEFI and ran it under the "Legacy" setting.
3. 5 hours later and all was created successfully.

two drives were created; that seem to exist within my external drive:
1. copy of my original source now labelled "F:" instead of "C:"
2. WINTOUSB labelled "G:"

[Image: Hwt9oLf.png]
The Source and Source Copy are the same (C & F)
The folder inside WINTOUSB looks like this:

[Image: YRRpXA8.png]

my question is do i need to do anything other than have my external drive plugged in and set my bios to usb .....
and restart the machine to see if my old machine can boot ok in an emergency?

Jeff Smile

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