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I can not choose the partition to create the boot .
(01-29-2016, 02:46 PM)Classpro Wrote:
(01-29-2016, 11:33 AM)Bruno Alves Wrote: I am trying to create a UEFI boot Linux , but end up failing because the program does not select the partition. He does not focus on the option to be able to click . Please help me. Dodgy  Dodgy

I'm having the same problem. I can see my drives and partitions but can't select them by clicking on the partition to create a new boot entry.  I'm running in administer, windows 10, acer aspire switch secure boot off. Can anyone help?

Managed to solve the problem! Someone handed me the link of a slightly older version. And here I worked , I managed to create my boot Remix OS 2.0 , sorry that my notebook will not start. ( never buy notebooks from Lenovo, are slow and poorly made , just like me ) . Link EasyUEFI

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