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Using easyuefic.exe without index
(05-17-2017, 04:27 AM)ClockWise Wrote: Hi,

Do it is possible to use the easyuefic.exe (command line) for changing the boot order but only by knowing the name of a entry (not the index).

>EasyUEFIC.exe --list-efi
#   Name
0  : USB Memory
1  : Windows Boot Manager
2  : HDD/SSD
3  : LAN
4  : Diagnostic Menu
5  : HDD Recovery

I want to place 3:LAN at the first. So i can use
> --top-efi --index 3

But i don't want to visually confirm the index number of LAN and it's is not always at Index:3. Hopefully, the name LAN is always the same.

So, do it's possible to use a command like
> --top-efi --name "LAN"
Or any workaround that do the same thing?

Ok, i know that it's a little bit ugly because in theory we can have multiple entry with the same name. But i can manage to have only 1 entry named "LAN", that's not a problem.

Thanks in advance and have a good day.
Sorry for my english.

Technically there is no problem, the only problem is the duplicate name you have already pointed out. 
Thank you for your suggestions, and we will consider adding it to EasyUEFI, thanks.

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