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Keyboard unreponsive after encryption & restart(s)
(11-10-2018, 06:01 AM)Figaro Wrote: There are several articles on this issue going back to 2015, one of which offered the solution of plugging in USB keyboard and entering password. I did so, was able to enter Password, and decrypted C: drive. Immediately uninstalled BitLocker Anywhere. Why were you not aware of postings on your product? That prevented you from discovering issues, testing proposed solutions and reviewing BIOS and product interactions leading to my issue in particular. Product Dev and Application Mgmt leave a LOT to be desired.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience we have caused. 

As you said, other users have experienced the same issue after encrypting Windows partition by using the Windows built-in BitLocker feature, so this should be caused by a BUG that exists in Windows. You should know that BitLocker Anywhere is just a software that helps users encrypt partitions using BitLocker, and there is nothing it can do about BUG that exist in Windows. In cases where you were able to start Windows, we could only recommend that you decrypt the partition and have given you a full refund.

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