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Generated Windows USB stick does stuck on boot screen
(10-04-2015, 08:24 AM)TomJeff Wrote: Ok team, I DO really need your help.
I'm using Win10, I installed WintoUSB, then point to an ISO file I had and made the USB memory, after a successful process, I restarted and Windows came up , but when I unplugged my USB memory system can't find a bootable drive to boot from !!!! Why Win2 USB made changes to my existing Win10 on laptop!
I just wanted to make a bootable portable Windows USB ...    ( I chose first option that convert ISO file to USB not the last option to convert my HDD to USB)
Now I can boot up my Win10 with USB but if I unplug it there is no bootable media!!
*** How can I reverse the process and make my Win10 bootable again *** plzzzzzz help..

WinToUSB just a tool to create windows to go drive, it will not change anything on internal hard drive.
Maybe you need to change the BIOS to boot from the internal hard drive.

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