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Can anyone please explain how to create Win to VHD option ?
I guess something about your post made him think your issue still has something to do with the Win version you're running the WinToUSB builder from.

In any case, to your comment:
Quote:first change your usb drive to GPT from MBR, then create small UEFI Fat32 partition, and the big partition formatted to NTFS
Yes, that is what I found the need to do. And yes - I further believe you need to use the newer UEFI mode in order to allow boot from VHD. Older legacy MBR style boot method had no way of specifying a VHD file on an NTFS partition as a boot device I guess...
You do not need to create or mount a VHD file... Once you pre-create the disk and partition layout above, the VHD option should light up. Selecting it and continuing on will create the VHD disk, mount it and install Windows To Go onto it. If you get any regular Windows 'format disk' popup messages, Cancel out of them... (

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